What is Patreon?
Patreon is an awesome platform that lets you support people who are making things that you like or enjoy. That’s about it! It’s the ideal platform to support Casual Shenanigans and help us keep the podcast and community going strong.

Why are we doing this?
Money, of course. YouTube’s revenue model isn’t very friendly or beneficial to smaller channels. We are growing at a healthy pace, but we want to expand the podcast’s opportunities faster than YouTube ads will let us. The podcast has very minimal costs, so our first priority is to cover them. After that, the money will go towards making the podcast experience better for you guys (better mics, cameras, lighting for those who need them), having more opportunities to record podcasts together (instead of over the internet), and more opportunities to play with you, the community! Also, we would like to provide a small amount of compensation to the hosts and regular members of the podcast, for the amount of time it takes to prepare and put on a good show. Of course, the sky is the limit, but that’s how we would like to start.

Our promise to you:

The podcast’s quality will never drop for anyone that doesn’t donate. Seriously. The podcast will only get better for every viewer. There will be premium features for people who support us, but that will never block off parts of the podcast experience for the average viewer. The premium features are additional things that we add, not existing features that get moved behind a paywall!

Thank you to our Patreon supporters!

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